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— Executive Coach and Founder

Joe Sejean



I am a French-Lebanese entrepreneur and coach, founder of People, Not Numbers and Eleven (1+1=11) The People Engagement Network. I’m also the podcast host of People, Not Numbers.

My goal is to help executive teams understand the extraordinary connection between human-focused conversations and world-class performance. Based in Dubai, my clients are international and include all sectors – Retail from hyper luxury to premium, construction, engineering, healthcare, airlines, banking, etc.

The problematics on which I work are linked to Performance, Mindset, Customer & Employee experience, and Culture.  



my approach


Focus on participation and experience

Topics that affect the daily life of teams are best addressed when they are discussed and debated by the teams themselves rather than listening to an expert.

Immersion Works

Everything has to make sense. I connect the content of the workshops and experiences from start to finish.

It all starts with connecting to self

You will always find elements of introspection, connection, immersion and emotion.

Intentionality is key

The best happens when you "want it". We insist on this approach throughout our time together.

Trainings/ workshops alone are not enough

They generate frustration because behavior change takes time and support. I therefore always offer team and individual coaching following our experiences and workshops.



I host the podcast People, Not Numbers where I welcome exceptional people who will inspire the audience to focus on human beings.

People, Not Numbers

Engagement changes everything

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Terri is an incredible human being: her life is dedicated to give Children a Voice and enrich their education by TEACHING mindfulness ❤️

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A fabulous discussion with a modern Pilgrim. Philosophy. If you are turned down by the word, don't waste too much time on this post. But if, like me, you see in Philosophy an art that we need more than ever in today's world, you are about to have a goooooooood time.

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If you love any type of Martial Art, if you were an immigrant child who had to go through integration - and its pains and terrors, if you are interested in health, nutrition, autoimmune diseases, this episode is really for YOU.

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You can lose a lot of friends when you transition professionally. And it can be quite brutal. This is what happened to Marika Messager 11 years ago when she moved from heading a trading desk (a room full of traders - just like in the movies), a lot of money, comfort and access, to... she did not really know what.

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During more than 3 hours, we re-visited Nicholas' life experience from his childhood to now - where he manages his investments, consults for Family Offices and resides Latin America where he operates his global foundation for war veterans.

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He lost 7 kilos.

Not through a diet.

In the Amazon jungle, after 6 weeks living with a local tribe.

Meet Alan Howard (IG and Tiktok @ahowy), a coach out of this world. Not a survival coach. A freedom coach. Passionate about working with men to help them reconnect with their masculinity.

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